Sandoval County Fire Department Dist. 4 Placitas


For any emergency, dial 9 1 1 and follow the instructions provided by the dispatcher.

New Mexico Poison Control Center 272-2222

New Mexico State Police 841-9256

Sandoval County Fire Department website

Post these numbers by each phone in your home in the event an emergency occurs.

So that you are better prepared for an emergency:

  • Take a CPR and first aid course
  • Check and test the batteries in smoke detectors twice a year
  • Have an evacuation plan for your home and your family
  • Prepare a family disaster kit and one for your pets too.
  • If you have a fire in your home, call 9 1 1 and then get to safety immediately.



Placitas Volunteer Fire Brigade Numbers

Station #1
463 HWY 165

FAX: 771-0855

General Fire Safety— is a website that provides valuable information including fire safety information.

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